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Valley Village, CA

Serving Actors in the Greater Los Angeles Area

Have A Last Minute Selftape Audition?

Need Expert Coaching To Set You Apart?

Book Now With Spectacular Selftapes!

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"You are fantastic Spectacular Selftapes. Great experience today at a great price!"

Jennifer Lyons- (Actress) The Amazing Spiderman, Can't Hardly Wait, That 70's Show


"Definitely recommend Spectacular Self tapes - they are awesome. Susie is a PRO. Professional lighting and amazing coaching to pull out your best self tapes. A lot of other places don't have professional actors/editors/directors who know how to pull the best performance out of you. And also adding subtle notes and details from a casting directors perspective. Thank you Susie!!"

Ivan Lee Gartner- Aurora, Boy Makes Girl, The Downside of Bliss


"Susie, my agent just called me, personally, and said that damn self tape looks GOOD!!!As always, it was the best experience ever in a self taping atmosphere. Thank you so much!"

 Macor T'Lanci- (Actor)


If you have a self tape you need done, please do yourself a favor and go to Susie at Spectacular Selftapes! 
I flew across the country from Georgia and needed a reader. I ended up going to Susie after finding her on Instagram using hashtags and I am SO GLAD I did! She made me feel exceptionally warm and the quality of her tapes are amazing. She edits, color corrects, and makes sure you have the best tape possible.
I ended up going to her two days in a row because of course you get tons of auditions as soon as you go out of town right? :) thanks Spectacular Tapes for making my tape spectacular!!!

Kiah Clingman-  Outlandish, Thick Skin, S.W.A.T.


"Can't say enough about this place! I had a last second self tape that I needed to record at 11pm and they got me in and gave me great coaching and direction! Definitely got the best version I could have possibly gotten thanks to Susie's help! Will definitely go here again!"

Nick Santucci- Actor


"Great selftape this morning with Spectacular Selftapes. Check them out!"

Korbin McCarthy- The Young and the Restless, Despair Sessions, Illicit

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